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These 2018 performances open to the public: Hope to see some of you there!

April 19-21: Buckeye Harmonics Fest., Columbus, OH

June 4: Annual Lou Holtz Hall of Fame Event; St. Floriean Hall, Wintersville, Ohio:

June 30: Conert, Eldrige Park, Elmira, NY: 3PM

July 19: Concert, Teal Park, Horseheads, NY: 6:30-8:30 pm

July 24: Concert, Lafeyette Park, Watkins Glen, NY; 7-9 pm

August 14-18: SPAH Convention; Sheraton Westport Chalet, St. Louis, MO

August 26: Concert, Brand Park, Elmira, NY; 3-5 pm

Sept. 14: Festa Italiana 2018, Syracuse, NY2-4 pm

Oct. 5: Concert First: Presbyterian Church, Clinton St., Elmira, NY 7:30 pm







Hope to see you there!

More Dates to Come


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